The baby rhinoceros is making new friends, can't help but watch this viral video of naughtiness


BanglaHunt Desk: We all remember less than the first day of school. That was our first outing in the new environment outside the house. At first there were problems to cope with, but soon we made many friends. Our childhood was full of quarrels with them. One such new friendship video is viral in the net world.

The video shows a baby rhinoceros, with its mother, trying to make a new friend. The children try to make friends with the giraffes and several other creatures that hang around the rhinoceros. Although the mother rhinoceros did not watch the baby for a moment. It didn't take long for the baby to become viral in the net world.

Forest Officer Sushant Nanda shared the video and wrote in caption, A new friend in the colony2, Baby rhino making new friends. Love this adorable baby's 1st day out there. (A new member of the colony, the baby rhinoceros is making new friends. This baby's first day of love.)

As soon as this video was spread, netizens filled the baby rhino with love. A netizen commented. Momma Rhino is the coolest. You know she has an eye on the baby all the time but love how she lets it explore in its own way 2 (Mamma Rhino is great. You know she always has her eye on the baby. But I love how she lets him explore it in his own way.)

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