The Baloch government came forward because the neglected Hindu Shakti Peeth in Pakistan, Islamabad, did not help

Balochistan Hunt Desk: Senator Danesh Kumar of Balochistan Awami Party has voiced his criticism of Imran Khan. He claimed that although the historic Hinglaj Mata temple in Pakistan’s Lasbela district is a very popular place for visitors, the Pakistani government is not willing to pay a single penny for the renovation and development project.

Hindus consider this temple in Pakistan as a Shaktipeeth. So every year a large number of devotees from different parts of the world gather at this temple. But it is also one of the most neglected temples in Pakistan for many years. Since this temple is very popular among the devotees, Danesh proposed 10-12 development projects about this place. But the Pakistani government canceled it in an instant. Imran Khan is not willing to spend a single penny here.

However, over the past few years, the current regional government has spent about Rs 1 billion on tourism and temple renovations. Here the local Muslims have also joined hands with the Hindus in maintaining the temple. Although the Pakistani government has shown no interest in the temple, the Baloch government has already allocated Rs 30 crore for the development of the temple and the construction of a well-equipped retreat for the benefactors.

In this regard, Danesh said, ‘The government of Pakistan does not give a single penny for the development of this Hinglaj Mata temple. This place is one of the 4 important religious places for Hindus. Indian politician Yashwant Singh said in his book about this temple that Mohammad Ali Jinnah himself came to this temple at one time.