The Bangladesh government is sending Rohingyas to the island in fear of Corona

Banglahunt Desk: Due to the continuous influx of Rohingya, South Asia, including Bangladesh, is constantly facing problems. The world is divided on this issue. One party is for Bangladesh and the other party is against Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is deliberately facing the death of Rohingyas!

As a result of the effects of Corona virus (COVID-19), the Bangladesh government is making arrangements to evacuate the Rohingyas and keep them on the island of Bahashan. This again raises the question, Bangladesh is deliberately pushing the Rohingyas to their deaths.

Cox's Bazar Corona could become a hotspot

The effects of China's Wuhan corona virus have already begun to be felt in Bangladesh, as in all other countries. In this crisis situation, the Bangladesh government is very concerned about Cox's Bazar. It is feared that the area could soon become a Corona hotspot due to the incessant influx of Rohingyas.

Why is this speech island unsuitable for human habitation?

According to an Al Jazeera report, the Bangladeshi government has deported 29 Rohingya to the island, where human lives are in doubt. Surrounded by flood-affected seas, this speech island was initially uninhabitable. At present, the Bangladesh government is making arrangements to send about 1 lakh Rohingyas to this island.

41 inland organizations were identified as Rohingya aides

Although the Bangladesh government has made many arrangements to send these Rohingyas to Myanmar, the Myanmar government is reluctant to take them. In September, news broke that people were helping the Rohingya not to return to Myanmar. Immediately after this incident, the Bangladesh government identified 41 inter-state organizations who were opposing the country from within.

The Bangladesh government made arrangements to send about 1 lakh Rohingyas to an island near Myanmar

Bangladesh's security system is in crisis and Rohingyas are killing Bangladeshi nationals – and in September 2019, it made arrangements to send about 1 lakh Rohingyas to an island near Myanmar.
The Bangladesh Home Minister said that he has also started the work of separating the Rohingya camps in the middle of Cox's Bazar district. It is also believed that the Bangladesh government has taken these measures to get rid of the Rohingyas.