The bicycle ride for the treatment of the wife did not save the last, the police arrested, the wife died


BanglaHunt Desk: The husband was returning home by bicycle to save his wife, but the police stopped him in the middle of the road. Even if the curfew is passed, the police chief does not want to see it. Swami Manoj Kumar was sent back from the border area. Unable to reach home, the husband broke down after receiving the news of his wife's death.

Corona virus (COVID-19) has caused a lockdown. The government has requested all citizens to stay at home at this time. No one is allowed to leave the house except in case of emergency. But in the meantime, Manoj Kumar got the news of his wife's physical illness and asked Abedin to pass the online curfew. After confirming the pass after three attempts, he started his journey by bicycle, but was sent back by the police from the border area of ​​Uttar Pradesh.

Mundiri Maharajganj, Chandrika, Majoa, a villager from Uttar Pradesh, used to rent a house in Shanti Nagar, Gobindgarh, Punjab. He used to work in a mill in Govindgarh Mandi for daily food supply. He got stuck there due to lockdown due to corona virus. But in the meantime the news came that his wife was seriously ill.

As soon as he got his wife's phone, he applied for an online curfew pass in Punjab. After confirming the pass was canceled three times in a row, he started his journey with the pass. He started his journey on the evening of April 22 on a bicycle as the traffic was closed due to the lockdown.

On the second day, after cycling in the scorching sun, we came out of the small canal on the Haryana-UP border and reached the Caesar Gate Naka in Saharanpur. But there were police guards. Then he took out his pass and went to show it to the police. DC was also signed on the side scheduled for the journey till April 24. But the police did not see his pass and sent him back from the border area. Unable to go, he returned and broke down when he heard the news of his wife's death.