The Biden government erupted in anger over China, a five-faced America in praise of India

BanglaHunt Desk: The US State Department has submitted the first human rights report of the Joe Biden government. While a strong message has been sent to China, the US government has been full of praise for India.

The report sends a strong message to China against the persecution of Uighur Muslims. On the other hand, the Biden government has praised India for moving towards a new normalcy in the life of Jammu and Kashmir.

Regarding India, it was said that the government has been taking various steps to normalize the situation in Jammu and Kashmir. Many changes have been made by adopting different approaches. It has also lifted the ban on various media. Even captivity has surpassed various leaderships. At the same time, the internet system is also being normalized.

Since the repeal of Sections 370 and 35 (A), Jammu and Kashmir has made headlines again. The Indian government has sought to reshape Jammu and Kashmir. But on the other hand, Pakistan did not like this decision of India at all. Imran Khan was also heard making anti-India remarks in the international arena many times.

The U.S. government’s report, on the other hand, sends a strong message to China about the persecution of Uighur Muslims. It has also been branded inhumane for protesting the persecution of Uyghur Muslims and other minorities. The persecution of Uyghur Muslims and other minorities in China’s Xinjiang province has been described by the Chinese government as an inhumane crime against their human rights.