The big decision in the peasant movement is the government, the food givers can fall into extreme crisis


In the midst of the farmers' protest against the agriculture bill, the Bihar government has taken a big decision about the farmers. Diesel subsidy for farmers in Bihar has been stopped. Agriculture Minister Amarendra Pratap Singh informed the government of this decision.

He said electricity has now reached every village. Also electricity is cheaper than diesel. So, there is no need for diesel subsidy now. Please be informed that the farmers did not get diesel subsidy even during kharif cultivation this year. Farmers are being given a subsidy of Rs 60 per liter for three irrigations.

Under the diesel subsidy scheme, the government subsidized farmers to irrigate their crops with diesel pump sets. Under this scheme all the farmers of Bihar were getting economic benefits. Six and a half lakh farmers have received this facility in the last financial year. However this number was half among the applicants. Earlier, diesel subsidy was given to the accounts of more than 3 million farmers.

Agriculture Minister Amarendra Pratap Singh said the government had not fully announced that diesel would not be subsidized. Currently closed for this year. Adequate electricity is being provided and it is cheaper than diesel. The demand for diesel subsidy is no more. This decision has been taken keeping in mind the demand.

The decision of the government to increase the price of diesel will take a terrible shape for the farmers. The government used to subsidize diesel only for irrigation. But farmers' reliance on diesel is much higher. Diesel tractors etc. are also used in market transport with cut and rosemary. Diesel is also used for harvesting.