The big decision of the central government on Jammu and Kashmir is to bring back 100 companies of paramilitary forces


Bangla Hunt Desk: The Modi government took a big decision regarding the deployment of paramilitary forces in Jammu and Kashmir. The Home Ministry has decided to bring back 100 companies of paramilitary forces from the Union Territory. Each company has 100 soldiers.

A total of 100 CRPF companies have been ordered to return immediately and relocate to other parts of the country, an official said. The companies that were deployed in Kashmir before the repeal of Section 370 last year are being brought back. The Home Ministry's decision could boost the people's trust in the government.

An additional 30,000 CRPF personnel were deployed in Kashmir before Section 370 was lifted. BSF, armed border guards and Central Security Force personnel were also deployed there. However, surveys have been conducted from time to time after the deployment of the jawans. The jawans were put on duty with the Amarnath Jatra in mind, but after the Jatra was suspended, they were given extra security.

The decision came after a high-level meeting between the Home Ministry and the Army Agency, the official CRPF, and the intelligence service deployed in Jammu and Kashmir. A total of 100 paramilitary forces will be repatriated from Kashmir following the ministry's order. It is rumored that these companies may be given the responsibility of protection in this year's elections in Bihar.