The big decision of the Yogi government is to make 48 types of fruits and vegetables available outside the tax


Banglahant Desk: This time the Yogi government has taken a decision to increase the income of the farmers keeping in mind the needs of the farmers. The Uttar Pradesh government has taken this big decision so that these farmers can increase their income and return to business comfort. This has been done regularly in the case of 48 types of fruits and vegetables in the state. 46 types of fruits and vegetables have been exempted from the tax

48 vegetables are going to match

There will be no mandi fee for trading 48 more fruits and vegetables including pumpkin, watermelon, mango, banana, gourd, cucumber, orange. In this case, many benefits will increase in the case of farmers' business. The cabinet meeting on Wednesday approved a proposal to amend the Uttar Pradesh Agricultural Produce Market Act.

Farmers expect more profit

It is hoped that farmers will benefit more after the introduction of this rule. The volume of their business will increase. And Uttar Pradesh has taken this decision to improve agriculture. It will help farmers make sales accessible, double farmers' incomes, and facilitate business.

In the end, the state will benefit

After this rule, only 53 types of fruits and vegetables in the state will be taxed only for potato, onion, tomato, ginger, garlic, chilli and lemon trade. Be able to pay the charge. The hope is that it will pay off.