The big decision was made by the friendly state of India, the ban was put on wearing the burqa in public

BanglaHunt Desk: The Sri Lankan cabinet on Tuesday banned the use of face masks in public, citing national security concerns. Last March, the country’s public security minister, Sarath Birasheka, signed a bill. Where cabinet approval was sought to ban body and face-covered clothing worn by some women.

Accordingly, the Sri Lankan cabinet on Tuesday decided to ban all kinds of face-covering clothing in public. Cabinet spokeswoman and Information Minister Kehelia Rambukvela told the media without mentioning the word ‘burqa’. “The decision comes two years after a terrorist attack on a hotel and a church on Easter Sunday,” he said. All kinds of face-covering clothing is a threat to national security ‘.

Sri Lanka bans burqa in public places, cites threat to national security |  World News |  Zee News

However, the use of masks against corona is allowed there. Burqa Ban is forbidden there. Which has not yet become law. It needs the approval of the parliament. Last month, Pakistan’s ambassador to Sri Lanka, Saad Khattak, criticized the proposal to ban the burqa in the country, saying such “divisive measures in the name of security would not only hurt Muslim sentiment but also raise widespread concerns about the basic human rights of minorities on the islands.”

On the other hand, in a post on Facebook, Birsekera wrote, “The cabinet has approved the proposal to ban all face-covering clothing, including the burqa.” Muslims make up 9 percent of Sri Lanka’s 22 million people. And Buddhists are 80 percent. However, there are ethnic minorities, Tamils, who are predominantly Hindu, about 12 per cent, and Christians, 6 per cent of the population.