The big news: All the way to survival is the last victory of Malia, can be brought to India in 28 days

Bengali Hunt Desk: Vijay Mallya, a fugitive liquor merchant, is in dire straits. The British High Court has rejected Vijay Malia's appeal against his extradition to the British Supreme Court.

According to sources, all avenues of survival are now over for Vijay Malia. According to reports, he has no other legal recourse. So now it is hoped that Malia may be handed over to India within a month. This time the decision will be taken by the British Home Minister Preeti Patel. Incidentally, the British High Court dismissed an application filed against the extradition of Vijay Malia.

However, for some time now, Malia has been talking about repaying 100 percent of her loan without any conditions. On Thursday, Malia tweeted from her Twitter account, “Congratulations to the government on the financial package for Corona. The government can print as much money as it wants, but should the offer of a small joiner like me be dropped? I want to repay 100 percent of my loan. Please take back my full money without any condition, and close this case. ”

Vijay Malia is also the founder of Kingfisher Airlines. There are allegations of fraud of Rs 9,000 crore against Malia. Earlier this month, Malia appealed to the British Supreme Court against a London High Court order to extradite her to India. So it remains to be seen what decision the UK Home Secretary will make.