The big news: America started “Operation China” with Corona

Bangla Hunt Desk: The whole world now suspects that the main villain of the corona virus is China. Many countries are in the throes of depression, and many countries have openly spoken against China. Gradually the whole world is uniting against China. America, the most powerful country in the world, has been the biggest victim of the corona. America has started Operation China with Corona.

US President Donald Trump has threatened China that if the dragon is guilty, they will suffer the consequences. The statement of the President of the United States has made clear that this time America and China will come face to face with Corona. The US president has made it clear that if China is in any way responsible for the epidemic, the Americans will explain.

China's mysterious lab in Wuhan is now on the lookout for the entire world. The US has launched an investigation into whether the corona virus has spread from its lab in Wuhan.

Trump wants a team of American experts to go to China to investigate. Trump claims to have talked to them about sending a team of experts to China. But China has not yet responded.

China is not telling the truth about Corona, and this is why the whole world is angry with China. US President Donald Trump has openly expressed anger against China. Trump said he did not tell us what happened in China, and that is why China is angry. Germany, on the other hand, financed China's $ 5 billion bill for financial loss due to Corona.

Wherever there is suspicion of Corona leaking in his biological lab, the United States has funded the test. But America did not even know that a virus leaked from that lab would do them so much harm. The United States has launched an investigation into the leak, but the question is whether China will allow the United States to investigate. Will Jinping allow the team of American experts to enter China?

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