The big news: This time any Indian can join the army for three years, an offer is coming


BanglaHunt Desk: Every time the Indian Army has sacrificed itself to protect India from the hands of the enemy. They have left their families and adapted to the harsh conditions of the border region and have been sacrificing their lives to protect Mother India. It is because of this abandonment of the interests of the army that 1.3 billion people of India can go to sleep at night.

The Indian Army is going to take a big step

At present, the Indian Army Camp is about to take a historic step that will be remembered in the history of the Indian Army. From now on, any Indian citizen will be able to join the army for three years. By engaging oneself in the service of the country, one will be able to work for the protection of the people.

The army is going to get a huge security force

The proposed new rules for the military to carry out this duty are now just waiting for approval. If this proposal is passed, it will be a great success for the Indian Army. And the army will become a huge force, which is very important for the security of the country.

You can join the Indian Army for three years

According to sources, the proposal is being considered for the people of the country to join the army. Under this rule, citizens will have the opportunity to stay in the army for three years. The country will be able to serve the motherland. Apart from this, the army wants to include the latent talents of the country in their team.

This decision is being taken considering the new generation of the country

Previously, according to the C-Art Show, a soldier had to serve in the army for at least 10 years. However, this proposal is currently being reconsidered. So that the new generation of youth can engage themselves more in the service of the country. The number of unemployed youth in the country will also decrease and the fear of the army will become stronger.