The BJP government is taking over, India needs US intervention – Rahul Gandhi

BanglaHunt Desk: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi sat down for a discussion with Harvard Kennedy School Professor Nicholas Burns on Friday. There he told Nicholas Burns that the US should intervene in India’s internal affairs. But on the other hand, the central government has made it clear that no other country’s interference in India’s internal affairs will be tolerated.

Rahul Gandhi was invited by the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute for Politics and Public Service to discuss Indian politics and public service challenges, opportunities and implications. By attending that discussion, Rahul Gandhi was ready to tarnish India’s image at the international level.

Nicholas Burns, a former U.S. ambassador to Greece, is currently a professor of diplomacy and international politics at the John F. Kennedy School of Government in Harvard. Towards the end of the talks, Rahul Gandhi asked Nicholas Burns why there was no US intervention in India.

Nicholas Burns was speechless for a while after hearing this question from Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi said, ‘Why is America not commenting on India? What is your opinion about the internal affairs of India? I want America to think about India. Agriculture law, lockdown, everything is happening at the behest of Modi government. They are also capturing EVMs. Everything is going to be occupied by BJP. Nicholas Burns did not pay much attention to Rahul’s words and said that he would answer these questions in a discussion with any Indian again next week.