The BJP leader is abusing the traffic police, the case started after the video went viral

Bangla Hunt Desk: A BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) leader has been accused of abusing a constable on the streets. As the video went viral on social media, tensions spread around. Former North Delhi mayor and BJP leader Yogender Chandolia has been implicated in the incident.

The incident took place on October 7, when a man entered the temple with a scooter at the door of the temple to pay homage to Shiva. At that time, the traffic police came on the road and took away the man's scooter by crane. On the spot, the owner of the scooter also requested the traffic policeman to return his scooter.

BJP leader Jogendra Chandolia was present at the time. He asked the traffic policeman to take the scooter along with all the vehicles parked on the road. In a word, he got into a quarrel with the traffic policeman. Due to the incident, a crowd of ordinary people gathered in the streets.

Ordinary people on the streets then recorded a video of their quarrel, which later went viral on social media. In that viral video, it is seen that BJP leader Yogendra Chandolia is insulting the traffic policeman in vulgar language.

Chandolia complained that the traffic police took bribes from local vehicles. But the devotees who came to the temple picked up the car from in front of the temple. When the traffic policeman tried to stop him, he said bad things to Chandolia.
Deputy Commissioner Sanjay Bhatia said the incident was being investigated by filing a case.