The BJP leader was outraged when the ticket was attacked with acid


BanglaHunt Desk: An FIR has been lodged against renowned ticker Faizal Siddiqui (faizal siddiqui) for allegedly making a video of Tiktok promoting acid attack. The move has been taken against Faizal for promoting heinous crimes like acid attack on a popular social media platform like Tiktak.

BJP leader Tajinder Singh Bagga brought the matter to light. In Faizal's video, she tagged Rekha Sharma, the head of the National Commission for Women, and asked her to take strict action. Rekha said she had lodged a written complaint with both the police and the Tiktak authorities.
He added that the video had been removed from TickTock but the Women's Commission was awaiting a written response from TickTock. According to Rekha, heinous acts like promoting acid attacks will never be tolerated. Police should arrest Faizal Siddiqui.

On the other hand, a lawyer named Abhishek Rajput also filed an FIR against Faizal. As soon as the matter was made public on his Twitter handle, a demand was made to file a complaint against the girl in the video. The lawyer also filed an FIR against the girl.

Incidentally, in the notable video, Faizal was seen throwing a liquid in the girl's face and the girl's face was burning in it. After posting the video, Faizal was accused of promoting acid attacks on women. Notably, Faizal Siddiqui is the brother of renowned tick star Amir Siddiqui and a member of the Nawab team.