The BJP leader, who broke the lockdown, was confiscated


Banglahunt Desk: A car of the leader of a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Agra is locked in a lockdown by police. When asked to show the car's paper, the driver could not show it. Even when asked why he wanted to get out, he couldn't tell the police exactly. Police then seized the car.

The entire world is now scared because of the corona virus (COVID-19). The number of victims is increasing steadily. Corona infection is also on the rise in the second round of lockdown in India. At this time, people have been banned from leaving the house without an urgent need. But some of him, too, went out on the streets, ignoring the government's ban. So this time, a huge police force has taken to the streets to house these people.

The streets are full of pathetic guards. Accordingly, police check-ups were also taking place at Hariparwat at Agra. Senior Superintendent of Police Bablu Kumar was present. A car of a leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party was seen heading out on the road at Haripara suddenly on Sunday afternoon. Police tell the driver of the car to stop the car. The driver did not show any valid reason for exiting. The driver could not even show the car's papers.

SSP Bablu Kumar himself was guarding the streets on the day of the allegation of a lockdown. Checking was going on strictly. But the BJP leader's car fell into him. Police have seized the vehicle at the behest of SSP Bablu Kumar, who could not show the exact cause. However, police inspector Hariprabhat said the vehicle was seized for violation of lockdown.

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