The BJP leader, who was hospitalized with corona, died of corona


BanglaHunt Desk: The condition of a BJP leader in Delhi suffering from corona infection is alarming. He is admitted to Safdarjung Hospital. Recently, his father also died due to corona outbreak and his mother and brother also contracted corona (COVID-19). They are in quarantine at Burman.

He was admitted to Safdarjung Hospital due to deteriorating condition of the BJP leader in Meerut

BJP leader Vivanshu Basishtha, who was staying at a soap warehouse in Meerut, was shifted to Delhi's Safdarjung Hospital on Thursday night due to deteriorating physical condition. His intestines have been infected and he has gained a lot of weight. After his father died in Corona, his brother and his mother became infected in Corona.

The corona report of the traffic police officer of Delhi also came positive

As the coroner's report of the traffic inspector working at Sangam Bihar Circle in Delhi came positive, all his contacts have been directed to remain in quarantine at present.

Number of corona infections in Delhi

The number of corona cases is on the rise in Delhi. A total of 447 people were newly infected on Thursday, the highest number in the last 24 hours. The total number of corona cases has increased to 5960 people.

Despite the growing Corona infection, buying and selling of liquor is rampant in Delhi

In the third phase of the lockdown, a long line was seen outside the liquor store as soon as the liquor store license was matched. That incident was also seen in Delhi. Outside a liquor store in Basant Bihar, Delhi, people were seen putting up their seats with helmets, bottles, bags and sacks. Currently, the government has issued e-tokens to manage the rent outside the shop.

“I've been standing in line since 5am,” said a liquor buyer. But now the police are telling him to leave. So those of us who don't have smart phones, can't they buy alcohol? Or those who have not learned much, how do they buy wine? The government has to think about this.