The BJP was formed in Sri Lanka within a month of Biplob Dev’s statement!

Bangla Hunt Desk: Tripura Chief Minister Biplob Dev had claimed that Amit Shah would form BJP governments in Nepal and Sri Lanka after the BJP took over in India. He claimed that the Home Minister had discussed the issue during his visit to Tripura. In the words of Chief Minister Biplob Deb, ‘Communists rule in different countries, the communists consider themselves as a world-class party. But now the BJP has become the largest party in the world. Standing in Agartala on a visit to Tripura, Home Minister Amit Shah said, “Now we are keeping a close eye on Nepal and Sri Lanka.”

The good news for the BJP came less than a month after Biplob Dev’s statement. This time Padma Shibir also went abroad. Katchi, the Indian people, was formed in Sri Lanka, the land of Ravana. In a word, this party can be called the Sri Lanka Bharatiya Janata Party. Beluswamy Muthuswamy, a Tamil businessman of Indian descent, announced the Indian people’s cut in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Although party chief Beluswami Muthuswamy has claimed that the BJP in India has no connection with the BJP in Sri Lanka.

When Tripura Chief Minister Biplob Dev said last month, everyone took his words as ridiculous. Tapas Das, co-president of the Tripura Provincial Congress, said, “India does not believe in imperialist thinking. But it is seen that the anti-nationalist imperialist mentality is being manifested in the Chief Minister of Tripura. I don’t think it would be right for a sovereign country like Nepal and Sri Lanka to interfere in the internal affairs of two countries. I think action should be taken against the revolution. “

On the other hand, former CPI (M) MP Jitendra Chowdhury taunted Biplob Dev, saying, The BJP and the Prime Minister have to be held accountable in this regard. ”

At that time a storm of criticism fell on Biplob Dev. Although that statement of Biplob Deb has not been proved true yet, the formation of BJP in Sri Lanka is not completely thwarting the demand of Biplob Deb. In the near future, an Indian party may rule abroad.