The boy was stolen in the fire of appetite, the court gave justice

The Corona virus is getting stronger, with almost all people being held hostage to protect the people of the country. Police have turned to many homes to handle such a situation. Another such incident has emerged. A poor boy goes out to fetch food and medicines for his mother. In fact, he was forced to steal. He even committed the theft, but did not understand the prison he would have to go to after that. The boy was taken to court and then informed.

The minor's name is Narendra Rao, a resident of Nalanda in Bihar. After being arrested by the police, he was produced in court. After he was produced in court, he confessed that he had committed a major crime. A local court on Sunday provided him with rations, clothes and other necessities. The minor then reported the matter to the court.

“As I was running away from the crime scene after the theft, locals gathered in the area to beat me. I beat them and then the police came and rescued me and took me to the police station. Thank you to the judge for understanding my situation and for giving me the opportunity to correct my mistakes.

However, many locals beside the minor said that they had a ration card and were getting pensions under the government scheme. No one knows why he stole.

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