The boyfriend killed the girl by hanging her in a love trap by changing her name


Banglahunt Desk: Meerut police in Uttar Pradesh has released shocking information about the body of a young woman without a head and hands after almost a year. According to the police, Shakib, a BKM student from Ludhiana, Punjab, spread his love net with the name Amar in Marathi. Trapped in a love trap, he ran away with 15 pieces of jewelery and cash from the girl.

Police made the arrest

Accused Shakib killed the girl for fear of finding out about the name change. After killing the girl, Shakib cut off her head and hands to separate the evidence of the murder. Police arrested six people, including the accused, in connection with the incident.

Incident details

Police have arrested six people named Shakib, Musrat, Mustakim, Reshma, Ismat and Ayan in the case of this brutal genocide of 2019. The deceased girl was a resident of Ludhiana Punjab. The two reached out about love on social media due to friendship. Then slowly the girl was caught in the net of love and started living with him in the colonel. The girl ran away from home with 15 loads of gold jewelery and started living with him.

To accomplish his task, they took the girl to the village the next day, mixed drugs in a coal drink, ate her and killed her by suffocating her. He then cut off the girl's head and hands to separate the evidence. Shakib kept the dead girl's Facebook profile regularly updated to keep the brutal murder a secret from everyone, so that the girl's family could understand that she was alive.

Fighting ensued with the police

Fighting continued with the police while trying to catch the accused Shakib. A police constable was injured in Shakib's firing. And Shakib was also injured in three counter-shots fired by the police.