The boy's test, the worker's father reached by cycling 105 kilometers


BanglaHunt Desk: Parents don't just dream for their child. He went beyond the limits of his ability to fulfill that dream. Recently another such incident came up in the headlines. The father cycled 105 km to take his son to the test center.

A father from a village in Bihar's Dhar district's Manwar tehsil cycled about 75km to get his son to the test center. The boy had a tenth grade supplementary examination. Ashish's son said, “The bus is not running so we have been cycling. I want to be an officer. “

It is learned that Shubharam started his journey at 12 o'clock on Monday night. Due to lack of accommodation, he took three meals a day with him. He reached the test center at 8:45 am on Tuesday morning, just 15 minutes before the start of the test. It is learned that they reached Mandu at 4 am.

The fact that they cycled 105 km to reach the test center came to light. The District Collector directed the District Education Officer to provide positive assistance to the student and his father as soon as possible and to make suitable arrangements for food.

In an interview with the media, the father said he was a worker. He does not want his son to be a worker. He wants to make his son a senior officer For that purpose, he cycled 105 km and brought it to the test center. He also said that his son is very good in studies even though the lockdown has damaged his studies this time.