The bride and groom searched the bride's house all night and returned to the police station


Marriage is a strange thing at home. But have you ever heard of not finding the bride's house after searching all night? On the night of December 10, the bride and groom went from Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh to Uttar Pradesh to get married.

In cold weather the groom, his family and friends search the bride's house all night. They said they kept an eye on all the streets of Mau in search of the bride's family. After a few hours of searching, the groom returns home with his groom.

The woman in the role of mediator arranges a mature meeting between the bride, the man and her family in a shop in Noroli. It was there that the date and ceremony of the wedding were decided.

The groom's family, who live in Kanchi Ram Colony in Kotwali area of ​​Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, expressed their displeasure over the woman who had proposed to them. The groom's family arrested the woman on Saturday night. On Saturday night, a big drama took place at Kotwali police station.

Neither the man nor his family members visited the girl's house before the wedding date. The mediating woman also took Rs 20,000 from her family to take care of the girl.

The groom was married to a woman from Samastipur in Bihar four years ago. A few months after the marriage, his wife went to his father's house and never returned. That is why the young man's family started looking for a bride for his second marriage.