The bride did this while walking around Satpa. After watching the viral video, she laughed and killed Netpara.


viral video: In Indian culture, marriage is said to be the bond of birth and rebirth. Husbands and wives correct each other's mistakes for the rest of their lives. But at the time of marriage, if you have to learn from the wife. So what exactly is the situation at home full of marriage? Such a video has gone viral in Netpara. After this funny video, you can't stop your laughter.

Marriage means noise and fun. Marriage takes place at home in a way that will never be forgotten. Recently such a funny incident is coming up on social media. The video that is going viral on social media is about a wedding at a Gurudwara. There was a quarrel with a loved one during the wedding, which made everyone laugh. In fact, as soon as the seven pucks begin to turn, the groom begins to move in the wrong direction. After that, his wife came and grabbed his sherwani and pulled him gently.

As soon as the wife pulls, the husband realizes his mistake and starts turning in the right direction. The guests who were present laughed and fell down. Sharing the video, the caption reads the first day's education.

This funny video has gone viral since it was posted on social media. Netizens are making funny comments after seeing the fame of the new bride. Many say the wife is always right. Watch this viral video