The bride, dressed as a bride, appeared on the field with a bat, Kurnish told the ICC

Bangla Hunt Desk: Cricket is everything in the life of a cricketer, cricket is given priority first. They can't think of anything other than cricket. We have received proof of this many times before. Cricket has proved once again that cricket is the first thing in a cricketer's life.

Such an incident surprised the cricket world. After the dark orange sari, the bride is adorned with gold ornaments and some floral ornaments. Appeared on the cricket field in exactly the same way as in a wedding. In fact, whether it is marriage or something else, those who love cricket are looking for cricket in everything.

Sanjida Islam, one of the best batsmen of the Bangladesh national cricket team, posted such a picture. There was an uproar on social media for posting such pictures at the time of one's own marriage.

Sanjida Islam married Mim Mosaddeq, a first-class cricketer from Rangpur, Bangladesh. He posted a picture of that time on social media. The ICC has praised seeing such pictures. The ICC tweeted, “Wedding dress, ornaments, cricket bat. That's probably the picture of a cricketer's wedding. “