The bride left the pavilion and ran to the counting center to get the certificate of victory


Bengali Hunt Desk: The reflection of Bengal’s Tumpa Sona song seemed to be a reality in Uttar Pradesh. The bride left the mandapa and went straight to the counting center to know the result of the panchayat election. The incident took place in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh.

The bride’s name is Poonam Sharma. She was a candidate in the panchayat elections in Uttar Pradesh. When the news came that she was getting ready for marriage, she won the panchayat elections. After that, Poonam left the mandapa and went straight to the counting center. He got the certificate from the commission. After completing all the matters, he returned to the stage of marriage and the marriage was consummated.

Poonam Sharma told the media that she was getting married to Rinku, a resident of Shahir in Wafri police station in Bareilly district. She never thought she would get such good news on her wedding day. Poonam Sharma said that she has defeated her rival Mukesh by 31 votes and she wants to develop the region by solving the problems of her region.