The British were blessed with medicines from India

BanglaHunt Desk: After America, this time British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is praising India. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson sought Indian aid from India Britain's prime minister wants paracetamol from India as a temporary deterrent to the Corona virus. And therefore, the first round of paracetamol of 2 million packets was sent to Britain by the Government of India.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was also infected with the Corona virus (COVID-19). He was admitted to the ICU for some time in critical condition. He recently recovered from the disease. And he wanted paracetamol to prevent the disease from India. The Indian government accepted his request and sent 2 million packets of paracetamol to Britain. In the first part, the amount was sent. India will send more if needed. And that was the modesty heard by the British Prime Minister.

Receiving the drug from India, Britain's Commerce Minister Liz Trusser said: “We will be taking it here in supermarkets and retail stores to prevent coronary disease.” As a result, about three million packets of paracetamol will be available at UK pharmacy stores. We are facing the biggest crisis in the past few decades now. So now we all have to unite. '

Recently, the United States sought hydroxy chloroquine in India to prevent the coronary virus. India has been assisting several countries, not only the United States, but also by lifting the export ban on drugs by decision. Apart from this, Malaysia also sought medical help from India. India keeps their word. However, they did not send as many medicines as they demanded, but now they have sent small quantities of drugs. Pakistan has also sought help from India as a neighboring enemy. In the end, the Indian government lent a helping hand to drugs for India. However, India has not yet made any decision on sending medicines to Pakistan.

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