The brothers brutally killed their sister for marrying a boy of another religion


Bangla Hunt Desk: The price of getting married in a different religion is to kill the young woman with one's own life. After the marriage, the girl's brothers called her to their house with assurance and killed her and made her body disappear. The incident took place in Mainpuri district of Uttar Pradesh.

In Mainpuri, a young woman falls in love with a boy of another religion and marries him in a temple. And the young woman paid the price for this marriage with her own life.

The girl's brothers called her from Delhi to Mainpuri, promising to fix everything. Then the two brothers killed the girl and made her body disappear.

After the girl's husband lodged a complaint, the Delhi Police filed a report and arrested one of the girl's brothers.

After questioning the arrested brother, Delhi Police reached Mainpuri in Uttar Pradesh to search for the body of the girl and with the help of local police conducted a search of the body and excavated the land through JCB. But the body of the young woman has not been recovered yet.