The Buccaneers are sitting in the trap to lockdown, so the ICC warned the cricketers beforehand.


The entire world is currently in lockdown due to the Corona virus. All kinds of sports in the world are closed. The lockdown is due to Corona because he has twenty yards of cricket. The ICC has ordered that all forms of cricket be stopped at this time. But in such a situation, cricket bookies can become the most profitable. That is why every cricketer has been instructed by the ICC's Anti-Corruption Branch so that the cricketers are wary of those associated with cricket fixing.

The ICC believes that all cricketers are spending their days locked up at the moment, and so they have been very active on social media to spend their time. And those who want to tarnish cricket are sitting in the trap to exploit this opportunity. The bookies have become desperate to exploit this opportunity.

According to a statement issued by the ICC, the cricketers have an immense amount of time as all international and domestic cricket is closed at this time. Cricketers have been active on social media this time around. For this reason, the ICC has already speculated that the Buckeyes will try to contact them using this opportunity. That is why the ICC's Anti-Corruption Branch has directed cricketers to beware of the offer of match fixtures.

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