The CAB took tougher steps to cool down the unscrupulous cricketers in Vinh State


Bangla Hunt Desk: Lockdown is going on all over the country at the moment due to the increase in corona infection. Lockdown has affected all parts of the country, but the biggest impact of the lockdown has been on sports. At the moment almost all the games across the country are closed in the dust, cricket is also closed. As cricket is closed, the state cricket bodies have no business at the moment. However, CAB officials are reluctant to spend the time of lockdown. They are eager to use the time of the lockdown.

At present, the most common allegation against state cricket bodies is corruption. So this time the CAB is going to take more drastic steps to stop the aging cricketers and the cricketers of Vinh State.

CAB President Abhishek Dalmia and Secretary Snehasish Ganguly said, “From now on, every cricketer is required to verify his Aadhaar card, voter card and passport before the start of the first and second division games. The CAB is especially tough on cricketers from the state of Vienna. Cricketers from Vinh State will be assisted by the police to verify the documents. ” Abhishek Dalmia and Snehasish Ganguly also said that legal action would be taken against the cricketers if they were found trying to mislead the board with fake documents.
In other words, the CAB officials are reluctant to spend time in this difficult time of lockdown without doing any work. They want to use this lockdown to make Bengal cricket more transparent.