The camel was suffering from thirst, the person saved his life by drinking water from the bottle, this video will touch your heart


Thirsty Camel Video: प्यास से तड़प रहा था ऊंट, शख्स ने बोतल से पानी पिलाकर बचाई जान, दिल छू लेगा ये वीडियो

IFS officer Sushant Nanda has shared this video.
Image Credit source: Twitter/@susantananda3

Thirsty Camel Video: Imagine that you are very thirsty and there is no water available to drink, then what will happen to you? Be it humans or animals, if they do not get water on time, they can also die. on social media these days thirsty camel Of Video It is becoming increasingly viral, which seems to be counting its last breaths due to non-availability of water. But whatever happens after this is nothing less than a miracle.

In the viral video, a camel is seen suffering from thirst on the roadside at a deserted place. Seeing the video, it can be guessed that his condition is very bad. If water is not available, he may die. Only then an oil tanker driver passing by sees him. Without delay, he runs towards the camel with a bottle of water. After this he quenches his thirst with his own hands. It can be seen in the video that the camel’s energy comes back as soon as it drinks water. Seeing this scene, netizens are now praising the driver fiercely.

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Watch here the video of a man giving water to a thirsty camel

IFS officer Sushant Nanda shared the video on Twitter and wrote, the camel, who was suffering from heat and thirst, was towards its last hour. But only then a kind person gives him a new life by giving him water from his hands. The IFS has appealed to the people that the country is currently in the grip of severe heatwave. A few drops of your water can save someone’s life.

Till the time of writing the news, one and a half lakh views have come on the video, while netizens are fiercely liking, commenting and retweeting. One user has written, the society needs such an angel. On the other hand, another user says, such people on earth are called the second form of God. Another user commented, Heartfelt thanks to this driver.

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