The captain of the Punjab team became the first cricketer in the country to join the peasant movement


Bangla Hunt Desk: The Agriculture Bill Act was passed by the Central Government a few months ago. Since then, part of the country's farmers were dissatisfied with the new agricultural law. This time the disgruntled peasants are protesting directly on the streets of Delhi. Several farmers, mainly from Punjab and Haryana, are demanding the repeal of the agriculture law. In the meantime, they have gone to Delhi and started various movements. It is very cold in Delhi at the moment but they are continuing the movement waiting for all this.

Police baton charged the protesting teachers and the torture allegations. Since then, several former Punjab athletes have announced their support for the farmers. They all went in the middle of the peasant movement and supported the peasants. Even about 150 athletes from Punjab have threatened to return their Padma Shri awards. Standing next to the farmers is the famous wrestler The Great Khali. Indian boxer Vijender Singh has also threatened to return his Khel Ratna award if the farmers do not comply with his demands.

This time, Mandeep Singh, a member of the Kings XI Punjab team and captain of the Punjab Ranji Trophy team, became the first cricketer to stand by the farmers in support of the peasant movement. Cricketer Mandeep Singh joined the peasant movement at the Delhi border with his grandfather Harbinder Singh. He said, “My father was a farmer and a compassionate man. He has been by the side of farmers all his life. He had died a few days ago, otherwise he too might have joined the movement. ”