The caretaker of the farmhouse, who presented the shocking information, said that Sushant used to propose to this actress, but.


Bangla Hunt Desk: They were dating during Sushant Singh Rajput and Sara Ali Khan's movie 'Kedarnath'. And with this they also came in the headlines. Recently, Sushant Singh Rajput's friend Samuel Haokip also talked about their relationship. It is rumored that Kedarnath started liking each other a lot during the shooting and the two were going on a date. Sushant was quite serious about this relationship. But the relationship between the two did not last very long.

This time Sushant Singh, the caretaker of Rajput's farmhouse, claims that Sushant and Sara were dating and that Sushant was so serious about the relationship that he even proposed to Sara. According to Rice, Sara came to Sushant's farmhouse several times. In an interview, Rice said, “Sarah has been coming to the farmhouse with Madam Sushant Sir since 2016. Whenever they came, they stayed for three to four days. Even after returning from a trip to Thailand in 2016, Sushant Sir and Sara used to come to Madam Farmhouse. ”

Rice added, ‘Sarah Madame is a very good-hearted person. She never behaved like an actress. My brother and I used to work in the farmhouse and the rest of the people used to call me Aunty, Aunty. ” At the same time, Rais claimed that Sara Ali Khan was planning to propose to Madam during Sushant Sir Daman's trip. However, Rice could not say whether it was a marriage proposal.

According to Rais, Sushant Sir's repression trip was canceled for some unknown reason. The two then planned to go to Kerala, but that plan did not succeed. Between February and March 2019, it was heard that the two had split up. According to Rice, after January 2019, Sara Madam never came to the farmhouse again.