The cat got confused after seeing the prey on TV, the animal got confused, did such an act by mistake


टीवी में शिकार को देख कंफ्यूज हुई बिल्ली, हुई जानवर को हुई गफलत, गलती से कर दी ऐसी हरकत

cat funny video Image Credit source: Twitter/@Figensport

Videos related to pets keep getting viral in the internet world. Whom the Internet public likes a lot. After watching these videos, many times where people enjoy it, on the other hand, many times such videos come in front of our eyes, after watching which we are unable to control our laughter. One such video is also in discussion among people these days. After seeing which you will also say how innocent animals really are.

There was a time when even humans did not expect that something like TV would ever come, in which you would be able to easily see all the things of the country and the world. But now technology has progressed a lot. Now not only TV but people can easily talk face-to-face on video call. Well, humans know very well this technology created by them, but animals and birds do not understand this. A similar video has surfaced these days. In which a cat tries to catch a fish after seeing it on TV, but what happens after that is very funny.

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As we all know that cat is a dangerous predator. If she gets a chance, she does not let go of her prey. But who can explain to him the difference between real and reel. Many times it happens that they consider the reel world as real. Something similar was seen in this clip as well. Where the cat jumped on the TV to catch the fish. The cat thought the fish was really swimming there and

This video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an ID named @Figensport. This funny video of just 13 seconds has been viewed more than 23 lakh times so far, while hundreds of people have also liked the video. At the same time, many people have also made funny comments after watching the video.

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