The cat got the insult done! Being scared of the little mouse, she was forced to run back, watch the funny video


बिल्ली ने करवा ली बेइज्जती! नन्हे चूहे से डरकर पीछे भागने को हुई मजबूर, देखिए मजेदार वीडियो

The mouse made the cat’s air tight

Cat Rat Fight: If you like watching cartoons then surely you havetom and jerry‘ So must have seen or maybe still see. In this cartoon, the mouse and the cat are seen running around a lot. Sometimes the rat becomes heavy on the cat and sometimes the cat is seen running to catch the rat. Seeing this cartoon, one often thinks whether such a game between cat and mouse would really be going on? Do rats really outnumber cats? One such on social media nowadays video viral is happening, in which a wonderful game is seen going on between the rat and the cat. This video is such that you will be left laughing after watching it.

Actually, in this video a rat is seen to be overpowering the cat. He scared the cat in such a way that its condition worsened. After watching this video, you can say that height does not matter, courage matters. In the video you can see how a cat is standing in ambush after seeing a rat coming towards it so that it comes near and it catches it. She tries to catch the mouse, but as soon as she touches it, the mouse gets angry and attacks her. In such a situation only the poor cat has to retreat. The rat jumps and attacks the cat in such a way that its condition worsens.

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Watch this funny video of cat and mouse

This funny video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an ID named @Figensport and the caption reads, ‘It doesn’t matter how small you are, always retaliate’. This video of just 17 seconds has been viewed more than 6 lakh 49 thousand times, while more than 12 thousand people have also liked the video.

At the same time, seeing this funny scene of cat-rat fight, people have also given different reactions. One user has written, ‘It is Jerry for sure’, while another user has written that ‘the cat could not understand whether the mouse is fighting or has gone mad’.

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