The cat is infected with the corona virus! Surprising medical science

BanglaHunt Desk: Although spread from person to person, no animal was likely to be spread by birds. But in Belgium, medical science was surprised to learn of a cat's coronary virus (COVID-19). Scientists have already reported that the possibility of the spread of this corona virus through the diet is very unlikely. Since there is a possibility of infecting people from one person to another, they have said so far in terms of maintaining social distance.

A Belgian Coronet sufferer has recently taken his pet to a doctor for a physical illness. The Belgian health department said the cat was infected with coronas, after examining the cat's saliva. He is believed to have been in danger because of his contact with his coroner owner. However, as a result of this phenomenon, science is spreading a bit.

Immediately after the coronary virus became public, four dogs and 4 cats were brought in contact with a Hong Kong sufferer. Experts, however, found that the Corona virus was found in only two dogs. Doctor Emanuel André said the coronary virus entered both of these dogs, probably because of the person being with the infected. However, no disease was evident in the dogs.

In the case of Belgian cats, however, breathing and digestion appeared. However, in this regard, a health official said, “There has been no reports of any disease transmission through the Corona virus till now.”

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