The center is locked down step by step, says Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee


BanglaHunt Desk: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has demanded to lift the lockdown from May 3. However, this lockdown should be taken step by step, he said. He made this demand not as the Chief Minister of Bengal, but as an ordinary citizen of the country. And he added that it would be better to gradually lift the 100 percent lockdown after May 4th, but of course it all depends on the situation. The Chief Minister told this to an all-India media.

Next Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will take part in a video conference with the chief ministers of all the states. The chief minister made the remarks on Thursday before joining the video conference. “As an ordinary citizen of the country and a grassroots leader, I want the lockdown to continue to bring the situation under control,” he said. However, keeping in mind the citizens, 25 percent lockdown should be lifted in the first week starting from 4th May. And let another 50 percent lockdown be lifted next week. Judging by the situation, the citizens will benefit if the complete lockdown is lifted after two weeks on May 4.

However, he spoke of lifting the lockdown, saying that in some special cases the lockdown would continue. For example, hotspots need to be closely monitored, long-distance rail services and air services will now be locked down.

The number of corona attacks in the state is 334 at the moment and 15 lives have been lost. Doctors are testing corona in different ways in different parts of the state. Again in the meantime a team of observers from the center to observe the state, in fact, had quite a conflict with them in the state.

Asked whether the chief minister would make a statement on the lockdown in a meeting with the prime minister next Monday, he said, “If there are any questions in the meeting and I am asked, I will let you know.”