The central government has made another big announcement to deal with Corona


Bangla Hunt Desk: Modi Sarkar has taken big steps to fight the epidemic in the Corona virus. The Central Government has approved the grant of financial packages to the State and the Union Territories to improve the health systems of the State. For this, the central government has announced the India Emergency Response and Health System (India COVID-19 Emergency Response and Health System Preparedness Package) package. The entire amount paid for the expenses in this package will be paid by the Central Government.

The Central Government has announced this special package to further improve the state's infrastructure and technologies. This package has been announced for the 'India Covid19 Emergency Response Health System'. The package will be paid in three phases from January 2021 to March 2020. The central government will provide money to the states through this package.

The first round of money has been sent. The money will be used for coroner's work in hospitals, isolation ward, ICU, ventilators oxygen supply, lab, PPE, month, health work appointments.

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