The Chief Minister announced to give free corona vaccine to every person in Madhya Pradesh

Bangla Hunt Desk: After the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) announced free corona vaccine in Bihar, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan announced free corona vaccine in the state before the by-elections in Madhya Pradesh. He said that the work of preparing vaccines in India is in full swing and as soon as the vaccines are ready, every citizen of Madhya Pradesh will be given free vaccines.

The BJP on Thursday issued a manifesto for the Bihar Assembly announcing that if it came to power, it would provide free coronavirus vaccine to every person in the state. The controversy started after the BJP's announcement. Note that this time the case has reached the Election Commission. Congress activist Saket Gokhale has lodged a complaint with the Election Commission alleging that the BJP's promise to provide free vaccines before the elections was an abuse of power by the central government. Earlier, Congress activist Saket Gokhale had knocked on the court door to stop the land worship at the Ram temple.

Bihar BJP Manifesto

On the other hand, former Congress president and Kerala MP Rahul Gandhi has questioned that the Indian government has announced free distribution of corona vaccine. To know this, please take a look at the election date.