The child sang romantic songs with funny tricks, the crazy net world laughed after watching the video.

Bangla Hunt Desk: A small video is going viral on social media. You can't stop your smile by watching that video. The child sang “Aitbar Nehi Karona” from Ajay Devgn's movie “Qayamat”. The child was also seen giving a flying kiss after finishing the song.

IAS officer Abnish Sharan shared this video on his social media account. The video has been going viral since he shared it.

In the video, the child is seen banging and singing. The child was also seen giving flying kisses after the song ended. The IAS officer shared the video and wrote in the caption, “This child will leave school as soon as it opens.”

The video was shared on January 17 by IAS Abnish on his Twitter account. More than 94,000 people have watched this video so far. At the same time, the video has been retweeted more than 6 thousand times and more than 900 times.