The club head coach, footballers are upset at the moment the club missed the last flight back home.


Corona virus is having a profound impact on the world right now. Corona has caused death marches around the world right now. In such a situation, the Spanish embassy in India arranged for the footballers of Mohanbagan and East Bengal to return to Calcutta. But at the moment, Mankhrap thinks of the people at home who missed the last plane back home, and the two head coaches and footballers.

The coaches and footballers of the two heads could not look back at the federation and could not return to the country because Ileague has been suspended at the moment. When will Ielig start again? What will start today? The Federation has not made a clear decision on that matter. That is why they were unable to return to the country at this time because of the agreement.

Mohun Bagan coach Kibu Vikuna, who has not been able to return to the country, said that at the moment, there are many people in my family who are in their mid-60s and seventy. Eastbank coach Mario says my family is in a state of detention right now. There is a lot of worry for my mother and wife. Also, at the moment, the two main footballers are not in the mood. An Mohun Bagan official said, “We are waiting for the decision of the Federation at this time. We will arrange for the footballers to return to their country immediately after the Federation has decided.”

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