The colleges of the state are also coming forward to fight the corona, Surendranath College donated money


BanglaHunt Desk: The number of coronas (COVID-19) victims is jumping in India. The outbreak of the coronary virus has spread to more than 20 countries around the world beyond the Chinese city of Wuhan. Many people have died due to this disease. So far the number of victims in India has spread to 3,000. And the number of dead is 5. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided to lockdown the country till April 7 to protect the countrymen from the hands of Corona.

From the Prime Minister to the crisis in this crisis situation, the Chief Ministers of various states of the country have organized relief fund. During the lockdown, this relief fund has been organized to help poor people to have food problems and to treat the affected people across the country. This relief fund has been helping people from different walks of life, from the common man to the people. This list is Surendranath College in Kolkata.

In the early days of the Corona virus infection, the college formed a hand sanitizer in collaboration with its chemistry department. The college was standing beside the common people making about 5 bottles of hand sanitizer. The founder of this college was Sir Surendranath Bandyopadhyay, a nationalist leader in the 5th. The college, which is under the University of Calcutta, which is in Sealdah, has four parts. Namely- Surendranath College, Surendranath College for Woman, Surendranath Evening College and Surendranath Law College.

The state chief minister's relief fund this year has been given a grant of Tk 1 lakh from Surendranath Gruff of College. Of this, Surendranath College for Women gave Tk 2 lakh, Tk 1 lakh from Surendranath College for Woman, Tk 5,000 from Surendranath Evening College and Surendranath Law College gave Tk 5,000. This money will help protect the people of the state against coronation. Besides, Vidyasagar College, Kolkata has also helped by financing the relief fund.

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