The consequences of hiding Corona's information will suffer! Donald Trump strongly warns of China

Bangla Hunt Desk: US President Donald Trump hinted that China would suffer the consequences of misrepresenting WHO and international groups about the Corona virus. The outbreak began to spread from China's Buhan city, and the infection has now taken the lives of more than 5,700 people worldwide. And 2 million people are still infected with the virus.

At a press conference in the White House on Monday, a reporter repeatedly asked Trump why China had no consequences. In response to that journalist, Trump said, “How do you know that it doesn't have any consequences?” After repeatedly questioning Trump, Trump said, 'I won't tell you. China will know. Why should I tell you. “

In the comments of US lawmakers against China, Trump said, “You will know.” Senator Steve Dence wrote a letter to Trump urging the American government not to rely on medical devices from China. Four members of the Republican Party also introduced a bill Monday to reduce China's dependence.

Meanwhile, Trump also said he was planning to open the country's lockdown. Due to the Corona virus epidemic, some guidelines have been issued in the US to maintain social distance until April 7. More than 5 percent of the country's population is affected by this deadly virus.

“I'm discussing this with my team and top experts, and plans are being made to reopen the country,” Trump said. And we hope that it will happen ahead of schedule, which is very important. ” It is worth mentioning that the virus has killed at least five people in the United States on Tuesday, and 20 thousand 3 new cases have come out. So far 1.5 million people have been infected in the whole country and 25 thousand 12 people have died.

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