The consequences of loving a girl of another religion! Girlfriend's family kills 19-year-old boyfriend


Bangla Hunt Desk: Exciting news is coming from the ideal urban area of ​​Delhi. There, the consequences of a young man's love are choked with his life. And the main reason for this is that the boy was a Hindu and his lover belonged to a special community. The man of the young woman's house has been accused of killing the young man. Police have so far arrested a total of five accused in the case, including three minors. The adult accused are Manbar Hussain and Mohammad Raj Hussain. The other three are minors.

Police said a young man was pronounced dead at Babu Jagjivan Ram Hospital on October 7. The deceased was identified as Rahul, 19. There were no signs of injuries on the body. But after the post-mortem, it was found that he had a serious injury to his spleen, and that is why he died.

Rahul lived with his family in Mulchand Colony in Adarsh ​​Nagar area. He taught tuition at home and was a BA second year student himself. The girl's family is said to be residents of Jahangirpuri.

Rahul's family complained that he had an affair with a girl. And the girl's family did not like Rahul! Because they belonged to another religion. And for this reason, the family of the young woman conspired to kill Rahul. According to the family of the deceased, the girl's family called Rahul under the pretext of tutoring the children and killed him a short distance from the girl's house.