The controversy surrounding the death of this important actor of Ramayan is a tense, hot net


Banglahunt Desk: Shamsundar Kalani starred in the legendary series Ramayana's Sugriva and Bali. Despite the popularity of Ramayana, he gradually slipped into the darkness of wonder as the series ended. The darkness is so deep that even after the day of his death, so much smoke has been created. Recently, it was reported that Shamsundar Kalani was late. But in fact, after his departure in March, suddenly the 'tribute' to him has now begun on social media.

Recently, a tweet by actor Arun Govil has gone viral on the net. He tweeted his condolences on the sudden death of co-actor Shamsundar Kalani. Wishing for peace of his soul, he writes, 'Sorry to hear of his death. Very good man I wish him peace in his soul. ”Laxman Sunil Lahorio paid tribute to the actor through a tweet.

But there was another tweet that went viral, which was done by Shamsundar's granddaughter, Neelam. He told himself that Shamsundar was his grandfather. At the same time, he said that the actor, not just this month, was released on March 23 last March.

Shamsundar Kalani has died from cancer, according to several well-known media outlets. But his granddaughter's claim is completely different. He made it clear that all these reports were fake. Not just cancer, the actor died a normal death. Neelam also shared a number of pictures in this regard on his Twitter handle.
During the lockdown, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata have returned to foresight. At the same time, the older actresses are once again rising to the limelight. In this situation, the controversy surrounding Shamsundar Kalani's death is naturally painful. However, his grandson Neelam and Banglahunt did not verify the integrity of his speech.

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