The coronavirus vaccine should be kept away from alcohol for at least two months

Bangla Hunt Desk: Not only India, but the whole world is fighting against the Corona epidemic. However, everyone thinks that in the next few days or a month, everyone will get the corona vaccine. The British government, on the other hand, has started vaccinating Pfizer Corona. The New York Post reports that Russian officials are advising people to stay away from alcohol for two months after receiving the Sputnik vaccine.

The New York Post quoted a Russian deputy prime minister as saying, “Extra caution should be exercised for the first 42 days after the dose of the Sputnik V corona vaccine.” “Russians should refrain from going to crowded areas, wear face masks, use sanitizers, keep in touch and abstain from alcohol for two months,” Russia's deputy prime minister told TASS News.

According to the World Health Organization, Russia is the fourth largest consumer of alcohol in the world. A Russian man drinks 15.1 liters of alcohol a year. According to Russia's health officials, 100,000 people in the country have been vaccinated. Russia started vaccination in Moscow last week.

Russia's health official says the Sputnik vaccine is 90 percent more effective, with reports that the prevalence of coronavirus among medical professionals has decreased since the vaccine was administered. The New York Post reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he will not vaccinate Corona.