The coroner virus has been so deadly because of the WHO chief's mistake, demand for resignation is rising in America


BanglaHunt Desk: The Corona Virus (COVID-19) continues its rampage around the world. The number of infected and dead is slowly increasing. Today, the most powerful country in the world superpower America is also suffering from this disease in the midst of a severe crisis. At present, the number of coronary attacks in the United States is around 1 million and the death toll is around 12,000. In this situation, American political leaders demanded the resignation of Director General Trados of the World Health Organization (WHO).

America claims WHO praised China (Chaina) despite knowing everything about China's malicious virus. When China was deliberately silent, WHO supported them. As a result, the WHO's accusation is even more pronounced. American political leaders are now questioning the WHO as the Chinese Communist government relies on the WHO in the context of the Corona virus. Western countries are claiming that China is not providing accurate estimates of the number of deaths and casualties caused by the Corona virus.

According to US Republican Senator Martha Maskelli, General Tredos, the leader of the WHO, should step down. WHO is equally as guilty of being silent as knowing everything about China's coronary virus. Not only that, Trados also praised China's transparency in response to China's corona virus. In this regard, Maskelli said he never relied on any communist government. With the Chinese government hiding from everyone about the Corona virus created by their own country, the virus has now become a deathbed for the United States. This is why Trados should resign.

In Korea, the number of people infected with the Corona virus in February exceeded 3,000 and the number was dead. At that time, WHO's Director General Tredos did not want to ban foreign travel. They said the disease was not spreading from person to person. So no need for sanctions.

On the other hand, WHO did not even check the exact number of Chinese victims and casualties. India, on the other hand, was concerned about the safety of its citizens in anticipation of the deadly virus. India had begun to think about the protection of the Corona virus even before the WHO had agreed.

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