The coroner's anger fell on the tradition of Maidan! This time, Baroque will not be in Mohanbagan.


The number of Corona attacks is increasing in India right now as well as in the whole world, with the Corona virus, this time the anger has spread in the long tradition of Maidan. The Barpuzo rituals that were held on the day of Baidakh, the long tradition of Maidan, are not being held at the Mohanbagan Club on the day of Paisal Baisakh because of the corona virus. It is reported that Kolkata is going to walk on the main road shown by Mohanbagan.

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a 21-day lockdown across the country due to the Corona virus. The lockdown was supposed to expire on April 14, but Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has announced a further 14-day lockdown before the lockdown expires. In such a case, the state will have to spend days under house arrest till April 30 next. And in such a situation, it is not possible to worship this time in any way, the Mohanbagan Club officials said.

On this day, Mohanbagan Secretary Shri Sanjay Bose said that because of the coroner, there is no traditional burpuzo in Maidan. It is very unfortunate for me as a football supporter but for me at this moment the important supporters of football are their safety and their lives. That is why the puja ritual has been suspended this time on the first day of Paisal Baishakh. I believe we will overcome this difficult situation soon, and then one day we will be worshiped in the field.

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