The country is in danger! A young woman of Indian descent has raised Rs 3.5 crore for India in the United States

Bangla Hunt Desk: India is currently plagued by the second wave of corona. Every day, as the number of infected people is increasing, so is the procession of death. In this situation, it is normal for the country to cry even in exile. Ruchika Talwar, a doctor of Indian descent from the University of Pennsylvania, extended a helping hand this time out of her intense pull towards her homeland. Ruchikar spends his days seeing patients all day long. But even from afar, his mind has become obsessed with this miserable situation in India. And that is why Ruchika is trying her best to raise funds for India. He has already raised five million US dollars as a grant. In Indian rupees, its value is 3 crore 8 lakh rupees.

He worked hard to raise money in a short time but he did not stop. Ruchika has already started shipping oxygen concentrators and other emergency medical equipment to India. His help has already reached many cities like Delhi-Kolkata and Ahmedabad. Meanwhile, CNN has published the news of this Indo-American girl. This time, Ruchika shared a screenshot of the news and shared her activities with everyone.

But he is not alone, many US doctors have reached out to help India in this situation. They are also collecting donations hand in hand with Ruchika. Ruchika’s goal is to reach out to remote areas of the country. It is pertinent to note that the second wave of the Corona is a very messy country at the moment. Many states are walking the path of new lockdown. Because, in the last 24 hours, more than four lakh people have fallen prey to this deadly virus in the country. More than four thousand people have died.