The country's transformational community is delivering food to the poor by mortgaging jewelry


BanglaHunt Desk: In this lock down situation in Gujarat, transgender people stand by the side of poor people. This community is providing rations to the poor by mortgaging their own jewelry in this dire situation. Hijra communities across the country are not able to earn any kind of money.

Transgender Nuri came forward with the help of Kanwar

One of them, Kinnar Nuri Kanwar, said he heard screams as he passed a house in the lockdown one day. He then saw a six-year-old boy trying to kill his mother because they had nothing to eat at home. Nuri then decided that these people should be helped. Nuri and many of his team also provided food to the local slum dwellers in the town of Baroda in Gujarat. Flour, lentils, rice, sugar, chapati, oil and spices are quickly cooked by the poor.

Nuri and her sister gave phone numbers to help

Nuri told her and her sisters' phone numbers to all those poor people so that they could call again if they needed to be urgent. But it is also important to help people in these days of danger, which is why they are doing everything together for the people of the city. Gravel has helped them with the money they had saved for many years by saving money.

The “The Goal” charity trust is also helping in this work

Manabendra Singh Gohil, India's first gay prince, also runs a charity trust called The Lakshya to help such people in Gujarat. She works for and with the LGBT (gay) community. Was also involved in this work
Shobha Kinnar is the director of Lakshya Trust in Gujarat.
They all met with Shovar via video call. Then he bought rice and pulses with money and went to the houses of the needy people while maintaining social distance and brought food.