The court allowed Netanyahu to form a government, swearing in on the 13th

Netanyahu is set to become Israel's first prime minister. However, there are various allegations against him. And despite these allegations, he has succeeded in forming a government. However, in the midst of all this, the Supreme Court of Israel has proposed him to form a government this time. And then the allegations against him then proposed to form a government without questioning his incompetence.

Netanyahu has been prime minister three times before

He has previously held the PM's job three times. But this time the leaders of the opposition are protesting. In June 1996, he became the first prime minister. He has returned to the post many times since then. Two more powerful parties have joined forces to oppose him, but he has won a three-seat majority in parliament.

Long fourteen years as Prime Minister

The 70-year-old leader has been prime minister for nearly 14 years. He has managed this reign for fourteen long years. Various cases were filed against him last month. He is also accused of corruption, treason and bribery. But even after so many allegations against him, he has gained a majority. And besides, he has made another history. It is known that his power of acquisition was constantly moving.

Come to his power again

Earlier, Netanyahu had voted to increase the number of his party, winning 36 seats in the Likud party, and eighty-eight in the Right Bing. It was important to get 60 out of 120 seats, and they came to power after getting it